February 24, 2018

Surviving rape

Scars Across Humanity

Chapter 9 Rape 

After emails from a few people, in this posting I’d like to sound the more hopeful note, which ends the harrowing stories in the chapter on rape and the previous posting on rape culture.

‘For those still struggling with fear and defeat from sexual violation, words of survivors and activists bring support. I leave some of them with you now, in the hope that they might reassure those in pain that rape does not have the last word in their lives.

I survived this torture which left me paralysed for years. That’s what that night was all about, mutilation, more than violence through sex. I really do feel as though I was psychologically mutilated that night and now I’m trying to put the pieces back together again. Through love, not hatred. And through my music. My strength has been to open again, to life, and my victory is the fact that, despite it all, I kept alive my vulnerability.

Tori Amos

Refusing Hatred and Evil

And I have seen the ugly face of hatred
As it ripped my flesh and seared my soul
Mocking my refusal with malicious, brutal force.
But I am learning to erase that gaze
And seek instead the gentle face of love
Which stoops to soothe my fear with tender touch
And travels patiently in step with me
On the long journey towards peace.

Anon, Survivor’s workshop


Prophetic visions (Isaiah 61)

Woman walking through tunnel, rear view

Darkness lifts, and light beckons us on.

They speak of binding for the broken-hearted
Freedom for captives
Release for prisoners in darkness and confusion.
A crown of beauty instead of ashes
Oil of gladness instead of mourning
A garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.

I believe all this is true.
And I wait in trusting hope, ready to receive.’

Anon. Survivors’ Workshop

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