February 24, 2018


Elaine Storkey

Here’s a list of Elaine’s publications.

What’s Right with Feminism (Third Way Books) SPCK 1985
What’s Right With Feminism Eerdmans Pub Co 1986
Losing a Child Lion Publishing 1989
Losing a Child Lion Publishing 1989
Walking with Jesus: Relationships Scripture Union 1990
Gender agenda: Talks given to a Social Workers Christian Fellowship conference Social Workers Christian Fellowship 1992
The Search for Intimacy Hodder & Stoughton Religious 1993
Mary’s Story, Mary’s Song Zondervan 1993
What’s Right with Feminism SPCK 1995
Contributions to Christian Feminism Christian Impact 1995
The Search for Intimacy Hodder & Stoughton Religious 1995
Women’s Study: New Testament Zondervan 1995
The Search for Intimacy Eerdmans Publishing Co 1996
New International Version Women’s Bible Hodder & Stoughton Religious 1997
Magnify the Lord Fount 1998
Conversations on Christian Feminism Zondervan 1999
Losing a Child (Lion Pocketbooks) Lion Publishing 1999
Men and Women: Created or Constructed Paternoster Press 2000
Constructed or Created?: The Great Gender Debate (New College Lectures) UNSW Press 2000
Origins of Difference: The Gender Debate Revisited Baker Academic 2001
Word on the Street Old Hall Press  2003
Who is the Christ in Gospel and Gender, Douglas Campbell T & T Clark 2004
Scars Across Humanity: Understanding and Overcoming Violence Against Women SPCK 2016