February 24, 2018

Intimate-partner Violence

Scars Across Humanity Post 9

Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide:  Violence in the Home

‘In an article for the US magazine Glamour, editor-at-large Liz Brody tells a story familiar to people who work alongside survivors of domestic abuse. For readers who have been victims, the details may be sickeningly reminiscent.

intimate-partner-violenceNot long before sunrise on a Midwestern Friday, college student and part-time waitress Alexandra Briggs sat in her one-bedroom apartment, meticulously applying thick makeup all over her face, neck and arms. It took two coats to cover her boyfriend’s teeth marks and the cigarette burns he’d inflicted, along with her newly purpling bruises; her pants hid the spot on her thigh where he’d stabbed her with a fork. When she finished, he drove her to the Original Pancake House for her 7:00 a.m. shift. ‘I’m sick,’ she told her boss as she clocked in and headed to the restroom.

Alexandra Briggs was one of the fortunate ones. She had a sym- pathetic boss who had long suspected, and now recognized beyond doubt, that the student was the victim of intimate-partner violence. Her boyfriend would later admit in court that he had hit her repeatedly with a small bat that morning, and strangled her until she slumped, unconscious. A ruptured eardrum and broken nose were just two of the injuries she had suffered. This was no isolated attack but a form of relentless aggression which left deep scars on her body, mind and spirit………..

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