February 24, 2018


Elaine Storkey


BA hons: Philosophy (University of Wales, Aberystwyth 1966)
MA Philosophy (McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario 1967)
DD Sociology and Theology (Lambeth 1998)
PhD (honorary: Cheltenham and Gloucester College 2000)

Fellow of Aberystwyth University 2013


2003-2007 Senior Research Fellow, Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University
2001-2002     Research Director, Zacharias Trust.

1999-2001 Lecturer in Theology and Religious Studies, King’s College, London,

(part-time; supervising MA and PhD students.)
External Moderator in Philosophy and Sociology, Birkbeck College, London:;.
1992 -1999  Executive Director of London Institute for Contemporary Christianity.
Director of twenty staff; lectured and structured diploma programme (philosophy, sociology, ethics and theology) validated by the University of London.
Worked in conjunction with King’s College and Birkbeck College, London
1987-92  Lecturer in Social Sciences, and Chair of Pedagogy panel, Open University.

1982-87  Lecturer in Philosophy and Sociology, Oak Hill College.
1981  Visiting Professor in Sociology (p/t) Covenant College, Chattanooga, Tenn.USA.
1980-1981  Visiting Professor in Sociology (p/t), Calvin College, Michigan USA
1976-87  Tutor-Counsellor and Courses Co-ordinator, Social Sciences, Open University. (p/t)
1974-80  Lecturer in Sociology, North Nottinghamshire College and Eaton Hall, Retford. (p/t)
1968-69  Research Fellow in Sociology, University of Stirling.
1967-68  Tutor (p/t) in Philosophy.  Manchester College, Oxford
1966-68 Research Fellow in Philosophy, York University

Main Publications

1985 ‘The Production of Social Divisions’, Social Sciences: A Foundation, Open University Press
1985 What’s Right With Feminism, SPCK (seventh impression 1994: new edition 2001)
1986 ‘The Future of the Family?’ in Men,Women and God, Editor Kathy Keay, Marshall-Pickering.
1986 ‘The Future for Women’, The Search For Christianity, ITV ‘Credo’, Waterstone Publications.
‘What will happen to God?’, Scottish Journal of Theology
1987 ‘Sex and Sexuality in the Church’, Mirror to the Church, Editor Monica Furlong, SPCK.
1987 ‘Mary from a Feminist Perspective’,Chosen by God, Editor David Wright,   Marshall-Pickering.
1989 ‘Philosophical Directions in the Social Sciences’, Social Science and Society, D103, Open University Press.
1989 Losing a Child, Lion Press.
1989 ‘Nuns, Witches and Patriarchy’, Anvil Journal.
1990  ‘A case study:-Black women in Britain’ (Gender, Race and Class) in Society and the Social Sciences. Open University Press
1990  Faith in the Countryside, Report of the Archbishops’ Commission on Rural Areas, co-author.  Churchman Publishes.
1990  ‘Change and Decay in British Society’? in The Gospel in the Modern World editor Wells and Eden, IVP.
1992 ‘Developing Study Skills’, Running the Country, D212 Open University Press.
1994 ‘Sexual Behaviour in Britain Today’, Review Article of National Survey on Sexual Attitudes and behaviour, Third Way.
1994 Mary’s Story, Mary’s Song,  Harper-Collins.
1994  ‘Modernity and Anthropology’ in Faith and Modernity, edit Sampson, Sugden, Samuel, Lynx.
1994  ‘Feminism and Atonement’ Anvil Journal.
1994 Heritage and Renewal  Report of the Archbishops’ Commission on Cathedrals, co-author.
1995 The Search for Intimacy, Hodder and Stoughton.

1995 Contributions, C I. publications
1995  ‘Dooyeweerd’s Anthropology – The Male-Female Dimension’ in Christian Philosophy at the Close of the Twentieth Century, Assessment and Perspective, Sander Griffioen, Bert M. Balk, ed.  Uitgeverij kok Kampen
1997 ‘Sexuality and Spirituality’ in David Torrance, Family, Sexuality and Spirituality Hansel Press, Edinburgh
1997  Magnify the Lord – Second Edition of Mary’s Story Harper Collins
1998 ‘The Vatican and the Virgin Mary’ in The Tablet
1999 Conversations: with Margaret Hebblethwaite: Catholic-Evangelical Conversation on Women and Christianity. Harper-Collins
1999  ‘Still Moving? Women’s writing from the Women’s movement at the end of the century’ Third Way
1999 ‘The Significance of Abraham Kuyper for the Anglo-American Tradition’ in Kuyper- A Centenary: Eerdmans
2000 Created or Constructed: The Great Gender Debate – University of New South Wales Press.

2001 Origins of Difference. Baker Books USA
2002 Working with Integrity: Ethics for Business Leaders: Salford University
2003 ‘Who is the Christ? Issues in Christology and Feminist Theology’ in Gospel and Gender: Campbell; t & t  Clark
2004 Word on the Street  Old Hall Press, Herts
2007 ‘Evangelical Theology and Gender’ in Cambridge Companion to Evangelical Theology: Timothy Larsen and Daniel J. Treier; Cambridge University Press

Media and Journalism  

Newspapers journalism

Regular columnist:  The Independent,  Church Times, Dagen (Sweden). Christian Herald
Occasional contributor:  Times Educational, The Guardian,  Catholic Herald, CEN, Third Way, The Table, Anvil, Woman Alive

Regular Broadcasting

Radio since 1986: BBC Radio 1, 2, 3,  4, and 5; Radio Wales, Radio Scotland, Radio Ulster and the World Service.  Open University: presenter of Social Science programmes.
Regular contributor to
‘Thought for the Day’ (since 1987), , ‘Woman’s hour’, ‘Nightwaves’, ‘All things Considered’, ‘Late Night Live’, ‘Sunday’ ‘Words of Faith’, ‘Pause for Thought’, ‘Meditations’ ‘Afternoon Shift’, ‘The Arts Programme.’, ‘Front Row’, ‘The Moral Maze’, ‘Beyond Belief’, and to many programmes on regional output. .
Regular presentations on issues of aid and relief work on Thames Radio, Leicester Sound Radio, Seven Counties Radio, and BBC Local stations.

Radio documentaries: Scriptwriter and Presenter

The First Good Friday – Radio 4 1998
George Herbert – World Service 2000
John Bunyan – World Service 2000
Review of the Year -BBC Wales 2002
Faiths in Conflict: series writer and presenter,  World Service (2008)


Programme Contributor to Everyman, Heart of the Matter, First Light, Credo, Sunday Review (GMTV), Sunday Morning (GMTV).  Songs of Praise. Occasional contributor to Newsnight.

Six O’Clock News
Discussion Programmes include:
– Ultimate Questions  TV Channel 3 series 1: 2000, series 2: 2001, series 3: 2002
– Soul of Britain BBC TV 2000
– Debate with Richard Dawkins on sociobiology and personal identity 2000
– Presentation/interview: consumerism and worldviews GMTV 2001
– The Resurrection – Easter Sunday BBC 4 TV with Rowan Williams and Don Cupitt 2002
– The Heaven and Earth Show BBC 1,  April 2005, Jan 2006
– The Big Question BBC 1 Dec 2007

Television Documentaries: Scriptwriter and presenter:
‘Who does Television Represent ‘ – Network BBC1 1990
Immigration, Prejudice and Ethnicity- Open University, BBC 2 1991
The Good Book Guide, BBC 1994
British Society – Change or Chaos – Radio Telefis Eireann, 1996
Historic Creed in Contemporary Culture – Elidir for Channel 4 Wales 1996
Barclay at the BBC BBC Scotland, 2000
St Paul: A Documentary BBC 2  (filmed Morocco January 2003)

Other Media 

Video presentations include: ‘Matters of Life and Death’ with Professor John Wyatt,(1997)  ‘Living the Word in Today’s World’ with John Stott (1996) Interviews and biographies include: The Daily Telegraph (1997), The Independent (1993-2001)  Saga Magazine (1999), Soundings(1998)  Sunday Times(1999) Dagen 1995- present, Church Times 2003 -present

Membership of Boards and Commissions

1971-present Founder Member, Ilkley Group, Research Sociologists
1987-present Member of General Synod of the Church of England
1988-91  Member: Archbishop’s Commission on Rural Areas
1990-91  Member of Crown Appointments Commission
1992-94  Archbishop’s Commission on Cathedrals
1991-1997 Member, International Lausanne Theology Working Party
1992-2000 Advisor to Religious Studies Department, Birkbeck College, London.

1992-1999 Oasis Trust Council of Reference
1993  Social Workers Fellowship Council of Reference
1994-1998 Richard Baxter Institute for Ministry Council of Reference
1994-1998 Northern Baptist College/Spurgeons College/Oasis Course – Council of Reference
1995-2000 Lee Abbey, Council member
1996-1998 The Open Book Advisory Council
1995-  Habitat for Humanity Great Britain, Patron
1995-1999 Forum for the Future, Council member
1996-  Vice-President, Cheltenham & Gloucester College of Higher Education
1996-2000 The Core Network – Counselling Centres, steering group
1996-1999 Member World Council of Churches Orthodox Churches     Consultation (Egypt 1996, Hamburg 1998)
1997-2000 World Council of Churches Mission Advisory Group.
1997-  U.K. President, Tear Fund
1998   World Council of Churches Assembly, Zimbabwe
1999  Board Member, John Ray Initiative.
1999-2002  Board member, Youth For Christ
2000- present Advisory panel, MA Philosophy programme Vrije Universiteit , Amsterdam
2001-present  International Advisor, Micah Challenge
2002-2008 Member Crown Nominations Commission
2007 -2008 Chair, Church Army Review Group
2008 –   Member of High Table, Newnham College, Cambridge

Media Boards

1991-98    Member of Central Religious Advisory Committee of the BBC and ITV.

1994-96    Member of European Working Party on Public Broadcasting.
1989-96    Editorial Board, Transformation
1986-    Associate Editor, Third Way
1990-   Trustee Church of England Newspaper
1996-    Trustee, Elle M. Theatre Company
1998-    Chair: Christian Arts Alliance
2000- present  Member, advisory group on media, Archbishops’ Council
2008-2009 Selector, Michael Ramsay Prize

Public lectures over the last decade published and unpublished

1991 Orebro, Sweden: lecture series ‘Representation and Reality- dilemmas of human personhood’
1991 Architects and Planners Conference, Liverpool ‘A Theology of the City
1991 Conference of Christian Social Workers: three lectures: ‘A Gender Agenda’
1991 The Baptist Union of Great Britain Conference: keynote: ‘The future of the Church’
1992 25th Jubilee Conference, Toronto Institute: Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation
1992 Oxford Diocesan Conference : ‘Models of Ministry’
1992 Southwark Diocesan Conference: ‘Challenging the difference: Belief and unbelief.’
1993 The Australian National Youth Convention, Four addresses on ‘Love in a Dangerous Time.’
1993 Royal Society of Veterinary Surgeons Annual Address: ‘Animals and Meaning’
1993 The Universities of Bristol Vice-Chancellors’ Sermon: ‘On Seeking first’
1993 University of Nottingham Annual Sermon: ‘Contemporary idolatry’
1993 London Lectures in Contemporary Christianity- four lectures on God and Sexuality.
1993 University Chaplains Conference: ‘Students: Faith and Fundamentalism.’   Response to the Archbishop of York and Professor James Dunn
1993 Carlisle Diocesan Clergy Conference Bible Readings on Acts: ‘Conflict in the early church’
1994 University of Newcastle Public Lecture: ‘Christianity, what hope beyond 2000?’
1994 Norwich Diocesan Conference: ‘What must and must not change’
1994 The German Churches Gospel and Culture Conference, Stuttgart ‘The Gospel and Multi-Faith: walking through London today.’
1994The Herman Dooyeweerd Centenary Conference, Holland. ‘An appraisal of Dooyeweerd’s Contribution to Christian Anthropology’
1994 William Tyndale Conference, Oxford University: ‘Scholarship and Martyrdom’
1994 Drawbridge Lectures: London, Bristol, Leeds: ‘The Trinity and our Search for Intimacy’
1994 Cheltenham and Gloucester College Annual  Lecture: ‘The Quest for Self and its impact on Religious Education’
1994 Michael Ramsey Memorial Lectures, Cambridge ‘Arguing for the Faith.’
1994 Henry Martyn Lecture: ‘The other side of 1994.’
1995 St John’s College, Auckland, New Zealand. Lecture series ‘Beyond Beauty and the Beast: Perspectives on Gender’
1995 Wellington University, New Zealand, ‘Belief in an Age of Scepticism.’
1995 Otago University, Dunedin: ‘There’s no such thing as a free-thinker.’
1995 Dunedin Diocese New Zealand: ‘Kingdom Perspectives.’
1995 Derby Cathedral Lecture: ‘Women & Religious Leadership’
1995 Association for Theological Scholarship Canada ‘Rethinking Gender Issues’
1995 Egypt, World Council of Churches Orthodox Consultation: ‘Globalisation and Spirituality’
1996 Edinburgh Anglican churches: ‘Brokenness as the Beginning of Healing’
1996 Brussels, European Broadcasters Conference: ‘The Place of Public    Broadcasters in a Fragmenting Culture.’
1996 Brussels, Pro-Cathedral Conference: ‘Good News For Europe?’
1996 Ely Diocesan Conference. Bible Readings from John’s Gospel.
1996 Ecumenical Conference, West Midlands: ‘Re-evangelising Britain.’
1996 South Wales Presbyterian Association ‘Young lives, Youth culture.’
1996 Nonsuch High School School. Speech Day and Prize Giving: ‘Time and Significance.’
1997 St George’s House, Windsor Castle: ‘Church and Community’
1997 Pittsburg Coalition, Jubilee Conference: ‘American or Christian?’
1997 Traidcraft Annual Conference: ‘Trading, Debt and Christian Responsibility’
1997 Geneva, World Council of Churches: ‘A Postmodern Europe?’
1997 St George’s House, Windsor. ‘Training in Apologetics’
1997 Versailles, Anglican Chaplaincy, ‘A Relevant Faith’ -lecture series.
1997 St Andrews University, lecture series: ‘Contemporary Critics of the Faith’
1997 Moorlands Bible College Graduation and Prize Giving, ‘Calling and Obedience’
1997 Canterbury Diocesan Conference, ‘Reaching out to our Culture with the Gospel.’
1997 Dedham Ecclesiastical Lecture: ‘Church History in the present.’
1997 Glasgow Youth Celebration, ‘Release the Power.’
1997 New College, University of New South Wales, Australia: Lecture series on ‘Created or Constructed: The Great Gender Debate.’
1997 Melbourne, Australia. ‘Apologetics and Love.’
1997 Sir D.Owen Evans Lecturer, University of Wales, Aberystwyth. Four lectures on ‘The Crisis of Personal Identity’
1998 MBA Masterclasses, Edinburgh University: ‘Working with Integrity
1998 University of Salford series: ‘Working With Integrity.’
1998 Church and Business Leaders Conference: Models of Leadership
1998 Exeter College, Oxford. Women theologians in discussion
1998 All Souls, Langham Place: ‘Speaking to the Nation: Media and Faith.’
1998 Leicester University public lecture: ‘Theology through Film’
1998 Sussex University, ‘Empowerment or Bondage? Christianity and women’
1998 Princeton University, USA Kuyper’s Centenary Conference. ‘Sphere Sovereignty and the Anglo-American Tradition’
1998 Social Workers Fellowship: ‘Intimacy and identity’
1998 New Church Conference, Brighton: ‘Alive To God’
1998 St James and Emanuel, Didsbury. Parish Weekend. ‘The call of God on the   Church’ – training in apologetics.
1998 Hamburgh, Germany. Evangelical-Orthodox dialogue: ‘Understanding Mission’
1998 Portugal, Student Conference; keynote addresses: ‘Thinking till it hurts.’
1998 Industrial Mission Association Conference: ‘Towards the Common Good;   Partnership or Fragmentation?’
1998 Diocese of Wakefield. Bishop’s Lecture: ‘Representation and Reality.’
1998 Diocese of Wakefield: Re-opening of Chantry Chapel. ‘A living Hope’
1998 Christian Medical Conference, University of Glasgow: ‘Trust me, I’m a doctor’
1998 Diocese of Ely: Readers Commissioning: ‘Leadership and Readership’
1998 Tyndale College, Ontario, Canada and Regent College, Vancouver, Canada: ‘Globalisation’
1999 YFC, Annual Conference: ‘Youth culture in Perspective.’
1999 Pittsburgh Jubilee Conference, USA: ‘The Faith, the Media, the Message’. Four keynote addresses on communicating the faith today.
1999 Allegheny College, Pennsylvania, USA ‘Secular Religion’ – Hubert Memorial  Address
1999 Malone College, Ohio, USA: ‘Students and scholars’.
1999 Calvin College, Grand Rapids guest lecture
1999 Geneva College, Pennsylvania, ‘ Futures’ : Faculty lecture
1999 The Ecumenical Institute, Bossey, Geneva: ‘Faith in a Post-Modern Media Age’
1999 The European Arts and Media Seminar, Holland: ‘The Media and Cultural  Perspectives.’
1999 The Methodist Conference, Annual Address: ‘Postmodernity and the Media’
1999 Latymer School, Founder’s Day Address: ‘Time and Significance.’
1999 The Irish National Prayer Breakfast: ‘Justice and Reconciliation.’
2000 Social Services Conference: ‘Best practices in a global economy’.
2000 Newcastle University; ‘Globalisation and our Responsibility.’
2000 Edinburgh University: Annual Sermon, University Church, ‘Time and Eternity.’
2000 Lichfield Diocesan Conference: ‘Faith and the Workplace.’
2000 Durham University:. ‘Knowing God’
2000 St Andrew’s University: Valedictory Sermon:  ‘Such a thing as Love?’
2000 Atlanta, Georgia, God and the Academy Conference: ‘God and the Academy’
2000 Amsterdam 2000:  Theologians working group:  Relativism and Theology
2000 Reformational Philosophy Conference, Hoeven, Holland; ‘The Family’
2000 King’s College, Edmonton, Keynote addresses, Interdisciplinary Conference: ‘The Self in Social Science and Philosophy.’
2000 Wilson’s School, Founders Day: ‘The Dead and the Living’
2000 Conference of Army Chaplains, Hanover, Germany: ‘Morality, Minorities and Mission.’
2000 National Prayer Breakfast, Westminster, ‘A Case for Unity
2001 Charleston, South Carolina: Cathedral: ‘Creed and Contemporary Culture’
2001 Los Angeles, California, Presbyterian Leaders Conference, ‘Faith now.’
2001  Ecumenical Institute, Bossey, Geneva, Switzerland: ‘Faith in Contemporary Context.’
2001 University of Hertfordshire, lecture series on education and religion.
2001 RAF Conference, Amport, ‘Human Rights in Perspective.’
2001 Highgate Lectures, London, ‘Christian Belief and Public Life.’
2001 Messiah College, Harrisburg PA USA, guest lectures.
2002 University of Nottingham, New Theatre address: ‘Film and Theology’
2002 Cliff College Derbyshire: Centenary Addresses.
2002 WCC Hamburgh, Germany: ‘European Resistance to Christian belief’
2002 Francis College, Speech Day Address: ‘’A Case for Celebration?’
2002 Swaledale International Music Festival: Theologian in Residence: ten events.
2002 Eastbourne Civic Leaders Address: ‘Ethics, faith and Accountability’
2002  Association of Head Teachers: ‘Christian Education for a Postmodern Age’
2002 Hull University Founders Day: ‘Building on Firm Foundations’
2002 Conference of Anglican Sec. School Heads: ‘Church Schools leading communities’.
2002 Guest lecture Wycliffe Hall, Oxford  ‘Gender, the Bible and the Modern World’
2003 William Booth College – Salvation Army lecture: ‘Christian Perspectives in Counselling’
2003 Christ for the Nations UK, Easebourne: ‘In the World, but not of it?’
2003  Trinity College, Bristol: Three lectures on Globalisation
2003 University  of Surrey  Theol. Society Lecture: ‘Who are today’s theological educators?’
2003 Church Army Staff Conference: ‘Travelling on – equipped for the calling’
2003 Bishop of Guildford’s Lawyers’ Dinner: ‘Faith in Law?’
2003 Professional Council for Religious Education: ‘The Future of God: a feminist perspective’
2003 Oxford Union Debate: ‘This house believes that Jesus is God’
2003 TISCA May Meeting: ‘Understanding Education from a Christian Perspective’
2003 Cardiff Uni. R&TS Dept. Pastoral Studies Day: 3 Talks on Family, Community and Mission
2003 Chichester University Theology lectures: ‘Youth/Children within Church/Society’
2003 Wycliffe Hall Summer School: ‘Creation and Creativity’
2003 Soroptimist International: ‘Social and Trade Justice’
2003 Tearfund LIVE Supporters tour: ‘Life in all its fullness?’
2003  Rhebona Baptist Church, Cardiff: ‘Engaging Gender’
2003 HTB School of Theology Lecture: ‘Christianity and Culture’
2004 Youth for Christ Annual Conference: ‘Where are we going? Being sent out by Jesus’
2004 Fellowship of Christ the Healer Conference: ‘Towards being healed persons’
2004 Queens University Belfast Annual Theological Lectures: ‘Relatavisms’
2004 House of Lords Consultation: ‘Confronting the crisis’
2004 London Bible College Weekend: ‘Evangelical Identity and Future’
2004 Social Workers Christian Fellowship Ruby Jubilee Conference: ‘Intimacy’
2004 Cliff College Centenary Lecturers: ‘Discipleship in Contemporary Culture’
2004 Diocese of Lincoln Clergy Conference: ‘A Kingdom Calling – Church and Society’
2004 Salvation Army Leadership conference: ‘Gender Issues in relation to the Church’
2004 Reading Blue Coat School Malthus School: ‘Incarnation’
2004 Armed Services Chaplains’ Conference at AFCC: ‘Cultural Shifts’
2004 Coventry Diocesian Summer School: “Discipleship within a Trinitarian framework”
2004 Green Lakes, Wisconsin USA, Lecture series  “Identity and sexuality’
2004 St John’s College, Durham Conference: “Biblical Feminism – 20 yeas later”
2004 Newcastle Diocesan Education Board conference: “Justice and Serving the Common Good”
2004 CARE – ‘Does the future have a family’ conference: ‘Family Dynamics’
2004 HTB School of Theology: “Christianity and Culture”
2005 Jesus College, Oxford: ‘Faith at Work’
2005 Pittsburgh USA Jubilee Conference: “When faith and life collide”
2005 Messiah College, Pennsylvania USA: Lecture series: ‘Christianity and Global Issues’,
2005 William Booth College Lecture: “Christian Perspectives in Counselling”
2005 Hungary: International Trafficking Conference: “The Theological response to Trafficking”
2005 Holland. Reformed Churches Conference. ‘Knowing and Believing.’
2005 Lichfield Diocesan Clergy Conference: “Handling the Bible in the 21st Century Church”
2005 Counsellors Conference: “Faith and sexuality in contemporary context”
2005 Wellspring 2005: “Sexuality and the media / Marriage in England today”
2005 Stirling, Scotland: Africa Seminar: ‘Post-colonialism’
2005 DRC Congo: Churches talks: ‘A biblical call to peace and love.’
2005 Bridge Pastoral Foundation Annual Conference: “Sexuality and Spirituality”
2005 Hertfordshire Fellowship of Baptist Preachers: “Preaching- the bigger picture”
2006 Rochester Diocesan Conference: “Proclaiming the Faith Afresh”
2006 RAF Conference, Andover: ‘Identity and Service’
2006 Education Conference, Swanwick; ‘Film and Theology’
2006 Delhi, India: lectures on ‘Gender and Culture.’
2006  Colombo, Sri Lanka: ‘Faith and Cultural Resistance’
2006 ‘Stop Climate Chaos’ Conference –Westminster Central Hall: keynote speaker
2006 Wembley Arena: New Wine Women’s Day:  ‘Gender and Identity’
2006  University of Wales, Aberystwyth: ‘A Christian Perspective on Global Poverty’
2006 Aviemore, Scotland, Scottish Church leaders Conference. ‘Shaped by the Gospel’
2006 Labour Day: Royal Exchange: ‘Just Shares’
2006 Christian librarians annual conference: ‘Who reads and why?’
2006 Leicester Diocese: Big Day Out: ‘Why not believe?’
2006 Belfast: Summer Madness Youth Conference – lecture series on Identity
2006  Thailand, Chiang Mai.

International Micah Conference.  Four Bible readings
2006  Diocese of Bath and Wells, annual readers conference: ‘Challenges of faith today’
2006 Chicago: Annual Kuyper Lecture:  ‘Issues  in Human Sexuality’
2006 Swansea University, Montgomery Trust Lecture: ‘Faith in Britain today’
2006 Exeter Cathedral. Conference on liturgy: ‘Liturgical imagination’
2006 Media Advisers Conference: ‘Shifting from word to image’
2007 Church of Scotland Re-energise Conference: ‘Meanings of Grace’
2007 Churches Together in Oldham annual lecture: ‘Looking outward in faith’
2007 Churches Together in St Albans annual lecture: ‘Uniting for Justice and Peace’
2007 Bradford Diocesan Conference: ‘Global Poverty and Climate Change’
2007 Chelmsford Diocesan Social Responsibility Conference: ‘What is social about responsibility?’
2007 St Andrew’s University, Scotland: ‘Peace but not as the world gives.’
2007 International Micah Conference lecture ’ Integral mission’
2007 Ely Cathedral : Ethelreda Lecture: ‘Women of the Global South’
2007  St Johns College. Cambridge: ‘Our Frying Planet’

2007 Ridley Hall Cambridge,  ‘Pioneer Ministry’

2007 The Didsbury Lectures, Manchester – Four lectures on ‘Sin and Social Relations’
2007 Gartmore House Fife Scotland, Women’s Retreat series: ‘A call to transformation’
2007 Free Church of Scotland Day Conference: Edinburgh, ‘Gender and Grace’
2007 Free Church of Scotland Highlands College, ‘Compassion and Ethics’
2007 University of Gloucestershire: ‘The Word Made Flesh’
2007 St John’s College Nottingham, annual guest lecture and sermon.
2008 Calvin College, Michigan USA. Annual Regathering lecture: ‘Ethics of Climate Change’
2008 Haiti: Port au Prince: Conference of Church Leaders: Eight lectures on Integral Mission
2008 Derby Diocesan lecture: ‘Faith and discouragement’
2008 Oxford Diocesan Curates Conference: ‘Contemporary Apologetics’
2008 Corpus Christi College, Oxford. ‘Receiving revelation’

2008 University of Bristol lent Lecture: ‘Working with integrity: management and ethics’
2008 Crichton University, Dumfries: ‘Building Bridges with the Gospel’
2008 Veritas Forum, Cambridge University: ‘Faith in the Public Square’
2008 Chelmsford Cathedral, Montgomery Trust Lecture
2008 Baptist Union Annual Conference: Bible Readings from Isaiah
2008 Norwich Diocesan Conference: ‘Mission and Witness’
2008 Exeter Diocesan Conference: Bible Readings in 2 Corinthians
2008 Wisconsin USA: International Alliance on Prostitution: Bible Readings – Luke
2008 Association of Church Schools Head Teachers, Baliol College, Oxford – ‘Measuring success’
2008 Lichfield Diocese Renewal Conference, Lichfield Cathedral – ‘Springs of Hope’
2008 Edinburgh: Climate Change Conference: ‘Seeing climate change in faith perspective’

Church involvement
Member of St Peter’s Church, Coton, parish church council and diocesan synod.
Regular speaker at Christian annual events: Spring Harvest, Soul Survivor, Greenbelt, New Wine.