February 24, 2018

Chapter 2 Violence begins before birth

Scars Across Humanity Post 5 

Chapter 2 Violence Begins Before Birth: Selective Abortion and Infanticide


(Photo- campaign to save the girl foetus)

Having a girl is to plant a seed in someone else’s garden.   Hindi saying

In India, where female infanticide has existed for centuries, now female foeticide has joined the fray

Dr Sabu George, a Delhi-based researcher, has spent the past quarter-century exposing what he calls ‘the worst kind of violence’ in Indian history – the elimination of millions of unborn girls. He regards it as nothing less than ‘genocide’, and describes the first few months in the womb as ‘the riskiest part of a woman’s life cycle in India’. An incident reported in a newspaper article illustrates the problem:

Earlier this month, police arrested two people after the discovery of 400 pieces of bones believed to be of female foetuses in the town of Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh. Last September, the remains of dozens of babies were exhumed from a pit outside an abortion clinic in Punjab. According to investigators, that clinic was run by an untrained, unqualified retired soldier and his wife. To dispose of the evidence, acid was used to melt the flesh and then the bones were hammered to smithereens . . .

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