December 11, 2017

Campaign Trail

Confirmed Itinerary February 16- May 24 2016

Elaine Storkey 2scars across humanity flyer A5 (22 06 15) (2) (3) (1)

Feb 16                         St Edmundsbury Cathedral: ‘Roots of Violence’

Feb 21                         Radio Ulster: Sunday Sequence

Feb 21                         BBC 1  Big Question- Is Atheism the Rational Choice

Feb 21                         Radio Suffolk: Jon Wright interview – Scars Across Humanity

Feb 26-28                 Sidmouth – Tavistock church weekend – Creation, sin, redemption

Feb 29 -March 4     Scargill House: Micah’s prophecy today

March 5                      York – International Women’s Week. York Central Library 2.30

March 6                     Preaching: Elim Church, York

March 10                   Nottingham University public lecture 7pm

March 29                  Spring Harvest Skegness: S. H. book launch

April 1-7                     Spring Harvest, Minehead – seminars on gender and ethics

April 14-20               USA Princeton NJ: Abraham Kuyper Award.

 April 14th                 Public lecture: Princeton Seminary

April 15/16th            Kuyper Conference, Princeton

April 23-25              Chestertown MD

May 4/5                     Georgetown University, Washington. Power Shift Conference

May 5                          ‘Faith’ Panel – Women Business Leaders

May 22                       St Peter’s College Oxford – evensong: ‘Global inequality’

May 24                       Manchester Cathedral – meet the author.

More details to follow

Recent Media broadcasts

Is atheism the rational choice? (BBC’s The Big Questions, 21 Feb 2016) (41 mins in) p02h7myb

How far can faith influence the public space? -Sunday Sequence BBC Ulster

Sunday Sequence

(33 mins into programme)


Scars Across Humanity. Interview by Jon Wright, Radio Suffolk (1 min into programme)

Jon Wright



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